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Meg Evershed
The Nutmeg Company
Three Dimensional Cross Stitch Design

New Designs

March 2020

Blue Babushka Box and TrayMeg has designed some new flower themed pieces to celebrate spring and early summer. There is a lovely new Blue Babushka Box and a Blue Babushka Tray stitched on aida fabric (shown left).

Purple Iris card and gift bagAnd, for those who like working on perforated paper there is a Purple Iris Card and a Purple Iris Gift Bag. The eagle-eyed will know that the Purple Iris Card isn't completely new - but this is the first time it is available by itself as a single card kit.

Nessie card and gift boxBright Babushka BoxWe have two new fun designs to brighten life up at what for many will be a difficult time. On perforated paper we have the Nessie Gift Set first seen on Hochanda in January and on fabric we have the colourful Bright Babushka Box which is making its first appearance.

Peeping Tom cardWinter Village cottage designsFinally for Spring 2020 we have another old favourite now available by itself - the Peeping Tom card kit and two more buildings for the winter village including a pub (the Holly Bush Inn) and a slightly up-market cottage (Pine Cone Cottage)

October 2019

Mistletoe and Christmas Tree CottageWe've launched the first two of a new series of winter village cottage designs: Christmas Tree Cottage (left) and Mistletoe Cottage (right). These have a clear winter theme with snow on the roof and could come out with the change in the seasons.

Lapis Lazuli dressing table setThe new Lapis Lazuli design desk or dressing table set includes a Caddy to hold dried flowers, pencils or make-up brushes, a Box to hold small items, a Trinket Tray and a Frame to hold a picture or mirror.

Bookmarks: Mr and Mrs Bookworm and Santa BookwormWe've also added two new bookmarks: a Mrs Bookworm bookmark, to keep Mr Bookworm company. And Santa Bookworm, to bring them their Christmas gifts.

Small Christmas Cards: Christmas Wishes and Christmas DreamsThere are also two new small Christmas cards: these are Christmas Dreams, featuring a fantasy Christmas castle, and Christmas Wishes, featuring a lovely snow scene with pastel painted houses and trees.

Tall Advent TreeSmall Advent TreeWe have two new tree designs for Christmas. We have called these Advent Trees, as they represent little advent gift trees which can be brought out as ornaments as soon as the season of advent begins. They are on 14-count fabric, which makes them a little easier to stitch than our original Christmas Tree designs, which were on 18-count fabric.

August 2019

Cross-stitch Postcard of SwaledaleIn July 2019 a catastrophic flash flood swept through parts of Swaledale and Arkengarthdale, destroying homes and businesses and drastically changing the landscape. Reeth, the village where the Nutmeg Company is based, was severely affected and although no lives were lost, many were made homeless and it will be a long time before life is back to normal. An official flood relief fund has been set up and all the profits from the sale of this postcard will go to that fund.

Christmas MischiefThis tortoiseshell cat - or calico cat as she would be called in the U.S! - is fascinated by the Christmas decorations and wants to play with them.

June 2019

Santa House: Planning the routeThe first Santa House was designed 20 years ago, and to celebrate this anniversary we're adding a new design to this series. While Rudolph places gifts beneath the Christmas tree, Santa is studying his globe to plan the best route for his night's work. Getting lost on the way would make it really difficult to keep to his timetable, so he wants to be sure about where he's going!

Cross-stitch Postcard of WhitbyLast year we did a show in Whitby and designed a postcard for it. Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast, is a magical seaside town with a fascinating history. This postcard shows a view of the famous ruined abbey from the whalebones mounted on the cliff top. There is a group of sunflowers in the bottom left corner and a honey bee may be added if you wish.

Cottage SelectionThe new Christmas designs which Meg launched on Hochanda Craft TV in September are now generally available. They include some fantastic new Christmas cards, including Christmas on the Farm and Christmas Plate - Home by Dawn, as well as a new selection pack of 3 cottage themed cards called Cottage Selection, shown right. This pack includes a new small Christmas card called Fir Tree Cottage which is also available separately.

In addition, the very popular Gilding the Gingerbread house has now been joined by a Gingerbread Chapel, a Gingerbread Lodge and a Gingerbread Tree so you can collect a gingerbread village!

Finally, we've two very stylish additions to our keepsake range called the Snowdrop Box and Snowdrop Tray. The box is our first hexagonal design and would make a wonderful container for a small gift, or as a ring box on a dressing table. The snowdrop theme makes it an ideal project for the New Year.

The Nutmeg Company
The Nutmeg Company
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