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Meg Evershed
The Nutmeg Company
Three Dimensional Cross Stitch Design

The Keepsake Collection

These pieces are designed to be both practical and useful. The larger trinket boxes vary between oblong, square, octagonal and circular shapes, and there are three smaller square designs and a fan-shaped one as well. Two vases and a trinket tray complete the range. The trinket boxes are lined with good quality 28-count evenweave fabric, carefully chosen to match the colours of the cross stitched design, and the lids are slightly padded, while the vases are lined with felt rather than evenweave. These kits contain stitching and lining fabrics, wadding, plastic canvas (ultra stiff for the square and rectangular designs for added strength), DMC threads, needle, charts and full instructions.

Special Starter Kit

Nutmeg Company kits are generally designed to challenge stitchers and help them develop their skills, but the Black Eyed Susan Box has more extensive instructions, both for stitching and assembly, to help beginners and anyone who feels unsure about taking the plunge! Black Eyed Susan flowers ramble across the top and sides, but the design is not complicated and is worked on 14-count aida - easy to see and work with. Step-by-step photographs and text talk you through each stage of assembly.

Picture Panel Boxes - Swaledale Collection

These boxes, measuring 7 cms square and 4.25 cms high, are inspired by Swaledale, the dale in North Yorkshire where the Nutmeg Company is now located. Each box represents one of the four seasons and has a tiny picture on the lid depicting a Dales village. Another scene is worked on the inside of the lid and wording is stitched around the inside of the lid rim - commenting on the season represented by the box. An alphabet is included in the instructions so you can work a personal message and date if you wish. Kits contain 16-count aida, evenweave for lining, wadding, stranded cotton, ultra stiff plastic canvas to form the box, needle, chart and full instructions.

Picture Panel Boxes

These boxes measure 7 cms square and 4.25 cms high. Each box has a tiny picture on the lid and another scene is worked on the inside of the lid.

The Nutmeg Company
The Nutmeg Company
Unit 14, Reeth Dales Centre, Reeth, Nr. Richmond, Yorkshire DL11 6SP
Telephone: 01748 884926   Email: enquiries@3dcrossstitch.co.uk
The Nutmeg Gallery is normally open from 10am to 4:30pm (4pm in winter) Mon - Fri and 2pm to 4:30pm (4pm in winter) on Sat