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Meg Evershed
The Nutmeg Company
Three Dimensional Cross Stitch Design

Doodles and Small Projects

Small projects are to a smaller scale than the regular Town and Village Miniatures. Because they use less fabric they also cost less – but please bear in mind that small projects can be quite fiddly to put together once the stitching is done.


DoodlesThe Doodles are a range of small fantasy cottages, devised during the lockdown when we ‘doodled’ some new ideas. They were inspired by the illustrations in the children’s books we loved many years ago and each kit includes a silver coloured mouse bead to place in the garden around the cottage. Roof, walls and base are stitched on 14-count aida, while the chimney is worked on 18-count. Instructions are included to omit the chimney if you wish. Each kit contains 14 and 18-count aida, stranded cotton, silver coloured mouse bead, felt, pre-cut plastic canvas, needle, charts and full instructions.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge MagnetsA new idea for streetwise stitchers - direct from the town square a new range to stick on the fridge or hang on a wall. Here are five little shops, a house and three larger pieces, a bridal shop, a school and an Italian restaurant, and you may change details or names if you wish. The house and small shops are approximately 6 cms high and the larger pieces approximately 8.5 cms high. It doesn't take too long to produce one of these, so you may soon have a whole street of them! Each kit contains 14 and 18-count aida, felt, stranded cotton, plastic canvas, a magnet, needle, chart and full instructions.

Weekend Cottages

Tiny cottages to give you a taste of three dimensional cross stitch. Designed to look like cottages from popular holiday areas, they are ideal projects to take on a break, and will probably take little more than a weekend to complete. The finished size is approximately 2½" (6.5 cms) high, and the kit contains 18-count aida, stranded cotton, felt, plastic canvas, needle, chart and full instructions.

The Nutmeg Company
The Nutmeg Company
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