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Meg Evershed
The Nutmeg Company
Three Dimensional Cross Stitch Design

Thread and Thread Conditioner

DMC Thread

We stock small quantities of DMC stranded cotton embroidery thread including the DMC light effects, variations and satin threads. If the colours you want are in stock we will get the order off to you straight away. If we don't have all the colours you want - or not in the quantity you want - we will send you what we can and put the rest on back order for you. Please note we do not stock DMC Coloris skeins, codes 4500 upward.

If you have run out of thread on one of our kits and just need a small amount to complete your project please contact us directly on our enquiries e-mail or phone 01748 884926 and we will be pleased to help, usually free of charge.

Thread Conditioner

Thread conditioner is used to make embroidery thread easier to work with.

The Nutmeg Company
The Nutmeg Company
Unit 14, Reeth Dales Centre, Reeth, Nr. Richmond, Yorkshire DL11 6SP
Telephone: 01748 884926   Email: enquiries@3dcrossstitch.co.uk
The Nutmeg Gallery is normally open from 10am to 4:30pm Tuesday - Saturday