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Meg Evershed
The Nutmeg Company
Three Dimensional Cross Stitch Design

You Can 3-D Cross Stitch!

It Can Be Simple...

A piece of flat stitching may be made into a three dimensional shape using simple techniques. Our kits contain instructions for the techniques you will need to make the design you have chosen.

A cube is a simple shape, and can make a dice such as those shown here:-

Paperweight DiceNoah's Ark

but it's possible, with practice, to make almost anything you like, such as this Noah's Ark paperweight. This is a more complex piece, but is made using the same basic techniques of 3-D cross stitch - stitch the design on fabric - mount the stitching on plastic canvas pieces - sew the pieces together to form the finished shape.

It Can Be Complex...

This 3-D Windsor Castle may well be the most complex piece of three dimensional cross stitch in existence!

Windsor Castle 1Windsor Castle 2
Windsor Castle 3Windsor Castle 4

It was commissioned by the company Creative Exhibitions, for display at a London Needlecraft show in April 2002, the Queen's jubilee year.

It took about three months to make, and uses more than two metres of fabric. It was made with exactly the same techniques used to make simple houses, and shows the Round Tower and the Upper Ward of the Castle, with the State Appartments. The walls were stitched on 18-count rustico aida, to give the appearence of stone, and if you look carefully you may catch a glimpse of corgis around the walls!

The Nutmeg Company
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